Our Tenant Experience

XII aims to bring the ultimate tenancy package to you. We offer a range of rooms from small single bedrooms, to large double bedrooms with en-suite.

Each of our properties comes with a fully furnished communal area and all of our tenancies come with all utility bills included.

Along with this, we also provide ultra-fast high speed broadband and a weekly cleaner for all communal areas including living room, kitchen, bathrooms, shower rooms and hallways, giving you a stress free co-living space!

Viewings available evenings and weekends

No deposit options available

1 number for all maintenance issues

Weekly cleaner provided for all communal areas

Live with like minded professionals like you!

Convenient locations near shops, parks and transport

Who are your housemates?

Your housemates are just like you! As you will find, each housemate is a working professional, and everybody goes through the same process.

Our house-shares are for single occupancy for working professionals who are in full time employment. We are always looking for tenants who strike the perfect balance between respecting each others privacy and being able to enjoy the social side of co-living.

Can you choose who moves in?

We try to include you in the process as much as possible. When conducting viewings, we encourage prospective tenants to try to meet you first to make sure you all get on but this isn’t mandatory.

Our promise to you as a tenant is that we want everybody to get along and enjoy being at home!

Can you have visitors?

Yes that’s no problem.

We require that you ask for the approval of your housemates and that these visits are only for a short period of time. Where these visits are expected for a longer period, prior approval must be given in writing. Where these rules are not followed, this could potentially affect your tenancy with us.

How much is the deposit?

If you pay a deposit to XII Estates, the deposit amount is the equivalent of 1 months rent.

With XII Estates, we offer a no deposit option! If you are able to provide a guarantor to safeguard your tenancy, you will be able to move in without paying a deposit. Remember to ask us about this on your viewing for more details.

What happens to your deposit?

XII Estates is a member of a number of regulatory bodies to ensure the safety of our tenants! In line with current legislation, your deposits are held in a custodial government approved scheme with www.mydeposits.co.uk.

What can we deduct from your deposit?

All deductions from your deposit must be approved by both parties, as in the terms of the deposit protection.

When you move in, you will be given a copy of the Information for “Custodial Deposits” leaflet as issued by mydeposits outlining all of the terms of your deposit protection.

How do you pay your rent?

Your rent payments are always set out in your tenancy agreement. Your rent is always paid in cleared funds in to a set bank account on the 1st of every month and its that simple.

Are the bills separate?

No. When you pay your rent, that figure includes all of your bills and costs for living with XII Estates.

What are the fees and charges?

Tenancy and Administration Fees:

  • Tenancy Deposit £x = 1 months Rent
  • Early Termination £x = Payment until month 6
  • Late Rent Payment Fee = 3% plus the Bank of England base interest rate charged per day overdue
  • Call out & Key replacement £50 call out £5 per key replaced
Who do you call if there’s a maintenance problem

When you move in we give you a contact number for you to call depending on the issue being reported along with emergency numbers to call.

Do you have to be home during a repair?

We always try our best to supervise any works and repairs being carried out however from time-to-time we may ask you to allow access to our tradesmen where this would speed up the repair.

What are the terms of your tenancy

When you move in, we give you what’s called an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST).

Our minimum tenancy is 6 months after that time, the tenancy rolls on a 1 month notice period, however most of the housemates stay far beyond the initial 6 months.

How do I sign my AST?

Before you move in, we require you to sign your tenancy agreement. We send this via an online signature portal for you to be able to sign on your phone or laptop – you will automatically be sent a copy of your tenancy and tenancy documents for you to keep.

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