About XII Estates

What is XII Estates all about?

XII is a London based company with an attitude to deliver a professional and top quality service. We understand that tenants are tired of living in properties that need attention and updating with stained walls, tired carpets, temperamental heating with the next malfunction waiting to happen.

We are more than aware that this type of property does not meet the needs and demands of young professionals looking to rent, and that a higher standard is to be met — a quality home.

  • XII specialises in high quality rental accomodation to meet the demands and needs of the modern professional

As for landlords, when you began to rent, we can sympathise with you for not accountingfor the unnecessary hassle and headache that came as part of the package of being alandlord. Our service at XII provides you with a "Set Up & Sit Back" system. Set up theproperty, and sit back leaving us to take care of all the rest.

Watch the rental income enter your bank account each month, every month, guaranteed. We are here to relieve you of the headache and offer a stress-free service for you to enjoy!

To make sure we are up to date with all current legislation and requirements of local authorities, along with promoting positive relationships with landlords and tenants, we are members of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), accredited landlords with the NRLA and other governing bodies.

Average Tenancy Length
19 Months
Properties Under Contract
£4.35 Million
Amount Spent on Property Upgrades
Landlords Who Have Renewed Contracts
Rent Paid to Landlords

How does it work?

We are offering a simple proposal. At a basic level, we lease the property from you for a term of 3+ years and become your tenant. If needed, we bring the property up to the expectations of our professional tenants. We then rent the rooms individually and take care of everything!

We are your only tenant, and you only ever have to deal with us! When renting a property there are of course lots of factors to think about. Too many hidden charges chip away at your monthly profit — chipping away at the reason behind being a landlord!

We pay you guaranteed rent as soon as the property is ready to be let to our tenants. This could be as soon as we sign the lease! There you have it, guaranteed rental income for 3+ years.


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