Simply put, XII Estates is a stress-free way for landlords to rent out a property in London. We guarantee your rental income, assist with upgrades and furnishing your property adhering to all local council permissions and legal requirements and handle all maintenance and tenancies

No letting fees, no maintenance fees, and no stress!

Are We Letting Agents?

The short answer is no, we are not a letting agent. That means, we do not charge letting fees or a management fees – we simply provide professionals in London with quality and safe home shares while offering landlords a stress free rental.

What Houses are suitable?

Most properties are suitable. Anything from studios to 6 bedroom houses would be able to benefit from our service.

If you wish to enquire about properties larger than 6 bedrooms, please contact us on 0207 117 2879 or alternatively email us at

How Quickly Do We Make An Offer?

All of the properties added to our services are taken on a case by case basis. This takes into account a range of factors when we make you an offer; location, condition, size, etc. All of our houses go through the same steps.

Arrange a convenient time to visit your property and conduct a valuation to base our offer on. During the viewing, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and our services.

We will send you a formal offer within 24 hours of viewing your property. We then schedule a call with you to discuss the details of our offer and any questions you may have.

Once the offer is agreed, we will send our contract ready to be signed.

We collect keys and you can relax.

What is the maximum contract length?

There is no set maximum time we will contract a property. However a typical contract between us and a landlord is a 5 year contract with a break clause after 3 years.

Do we wait to find tenants before paying you rent?

No. The payment terms will be set out within the contract we sign and we pay your rent in line with these terms irrespective of the properties occupancy.

That’s right! Whether the property is empty or full, we still pay your rent.

Do we pay your rent?

Yes. Practically speaking, we’re your tenant! We pay you the agreed rent amount every month directly from us to you on an agreed fixed date – generally the 15th or 25th of each month.

How much does this service cost you?

0! The service we provide to our landlords is free!

What if there is a problem with one of the tenants rent?

This doesn’t change anything for you. We still pay your rent, in full and on time. When there is an issue with rent payment from one of our tenants, that is for us to deal with.

Would we try to negotiate your rent if the market drops?

No. We stick to the contract terms, throughout the length of the contract. Just one of the benefits to a landlord of our service.

How do we ensure everything is in order? Who guarantees the property condition?

We carry out formal inspections of the property regularly – and maintain inventories for each room kept up to date.

We also provide a weekly cleaner for our properties to maintain the highest standards for our tenants – and our cleaners keep us informed on the condition and anything they feel we should be made aware of.

We also have contracts with a team of contractors who maintain and conduct all safety and repairs on our behalf.

However, we are able to offer accompanied inspections so that you are able to see the high standards and condition to which we look after the property.

Who maintains the property?

As the property owner, you would be responsible for the usual maintenance.

As part of our service, we are able to arrange all of the logistics and access needed for any repair works. Alongside this, you are also able to take advantage of the beneficial rates our contractors provide the company. This is obligation free, where we carry out an initial inspection, provide you with a quote and if you’re happy we book and supervise the repairs.

The cost of this can be paid directly to the contractor or can be deducted from the monthly rent payment where agreed in writing.

What if you have your own tradesman?

This isn’t a problem! We are happy to use your tradesman, all we require is the tradesman is fully insured and legally certified.

What if our tenants cause damage?

This is down to us! If something happens to the property that is the result of negligence or the fault of our tenants then we solve and pay for the problem!

How much wear and tear is expected in a house-share?

We actually find that our house share properties face less wear and tear than regular rentals. We house London’s professionals which means most of our tenants are at work from 8am – 6pm weekdays and spend weekends exploring the city! This means less time is spent at home, accompanied with our fine tuned maintenance means the properties are kept in excellent condition.

Who are our tenants?

XII Estates houses London’s professionals! We follow a very strict criteria with who we accept as a tenant – all of our tenants must be working professionals who passes a thorough referencing application.

To be a tenant with XII Estates you must be in full time employment, applying for single occupancy and pass our referencing and affordability checks.

With XII Estates, its very important that the housemates all get on and enjoy a peaceful house share. Each prospective tenant is accompanied and interviewed on their viewing, where if they are deemed appropriate they are invited to apply for a room.

What if a tenant leaves?

This is down to us! The responsibility of keeping the property occupied and related costs associated to that, are taken care of by us and for us to deal with.

Who deals with tenant issues?

This is down to us!

We deal with all issues related to the tenants. Whether they’ve locked themselves out, or in the unlikely event aren’t getting along with each other, this is for us to deal with and we do not bother you. Just another benefit of the services from XII Estates!

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