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We understand that tenants are tired of living in properties that need attention and updating with stained walls, tired carpets, temperamental heating with the next malfunction waiting to happen.

We also understand that unexpected costs, voids and fees can leave landlords less excited and more stressed when renting out a property!

XII’s ethos is to bridge the gap whereby we are able to provide comfortable, well maintained, high standard home-shares to working professionals, whilst alleviating the stress and worries of a rental property allowing landlords to enjoy the benefits without the hassle.

XII offers a stress free and all inclusive rental solution for landlords. Our service allows landlords the benefits of renting out a property without the unwanted hassle or uncertainty.

We guarantee your rental payment every month, regardless of occupancy and handle any issues for you. XII and our teams are able to take care of all aspects of maintaining your property including repairs and tenancy management. We are also able to assist with any upgrades and provide furniture – just some of the benefits!

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  • We guarantee your rental income with maintenance included for 3+ years

Download our free guide and discover the full insights on using a guaranteed rent company.

Get all the advice and information you need to make an informed decision on guaranteed rent and the benefits it can offer you as a landlord.

In this guide we look at the guaranteed rent solution that enables you to have a hands off and stress free rental experience and receive regular and reliable income without associated stresses.

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  • What exactly is guaranteed rent
  • How does it work
  • What are some of the benefits
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